Grattacieli Dubai: i 5 più alti ed incredibili da vedere

Are you going on a holiday to Dubai with children ? Do you know that in addition to amusement parks there are the tallest buildings, the most extravagant hotels and the largest shopping centers in the world? The city is becoming more interesting and exciting every year thanks to the many new projects that are being developed.

So get ready for a wonderful trip to this dazzling destination.

Skyscrapers Dubai

Dubai’s skyscrapers that tower above its cityscape play a vital role in the Emirate’s economy.

Today, when you think of Dubai, you are likely to imagine an ocean of skyscrapers, towers and buildings.

Due to their height and the numerous world records they set, these “skyscrapers” have become popular tourist destinations.

They are so popular that some pretty incredible photos can be taken from the highest points of these large buildings.


Modern Architecture in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the most spectacular modern architecture in the world. The city’s impressive skyline is a testament to its extraordinary engineering achievements and the excellence of its architects, engineers and other professionals.

Dubai has built a name for itself as a global center for contemporary architecture, creating iconic landmarks and attracting world-class talent from around the world.

Modern skyscrapers such as:

  • The Index
  • Opus
  • 23 Navy
  • Princess Tower
  • HHHR Tower
  •  The Torch

They are points of reference for luxury living, business and entertainment in Dubai and throughout the Emirates.

These modern masterpieces incorporate impressive designs that capture the imagination. They are also equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the sustainability and comfort of their residents.

Tallest Dubai buildings


Burj Khalifa

skyscrapers dubai Burj Khalifa
Skyscraper Dubai: Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa with its height of 829.8 meters and its 163 floors is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai .

The Burj Khalifa, owned by Emaar Properties,  was recently overtaken by Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia , but it is still one of Dubai’s most popular attractions because it offers incredible views of the city, especially at sunset.

This tower has several observation decks: on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors. The first two have outdoor spaces and allow visitors to walk freely outside (but be careful, it’s windy!). The top floor is closed with panoramic windows.

The Burj Khalifa houses 900 exclusive private apartments , equipped with every comfort and luxury.

The Burj Khalifa (Caliph’s Tower in Arabic), known as Burj Dubai , was designed to be the symbol of Dubai: unique, innovative and moving. Its design is inspired by Islamic architecture and rests on a flat desert base with a spiral pattern.

Each cross section of the tower is aligned to minimize wind vibrations.

Who built the Burj Khalifa?

The Burj Khalifa was built by Samsung C&T , a South Korean construction company that also worked on the Petronas Twin Towers and Taipei 101.

For the construction of the tower, Samsung C&T worked in a joint venture with BESIX of Belgium and Arabtec of the United Arab Emirates.

You can buy tickets to visit it at the box office or online (at least 24 hours in advance).

Burj Khalifa Ticket Price:

Up to the 124th floor: 125AED for adults and 95 for children (4-12 years)

Up to the 148th floor: 350AED for adults and 250 for children (4-12 years)

On the 125th floor, you’ll find an outdoor observation deck, aquariums, and multimedia presentations on Dubai’s history and culture.

On the 148th floor, there is another outdoor observation deck, as well as a multimedia presentation on the Burj Khalifa itself.


Navy 101

skyscrapers in dubai Marina 101 1
Skyscraper Dubai: Marina 101


With 101 floors and 426 meters high, Marina 101 is a new, very high-rise residential building in Dubai Marina. It was designed by National Engineering Bureau.

Inside there are 461 luxury apartments which can be reached by 28 high-speed elevators, we also find an exclusive infinity pool on the roof.

Construction on the $400 million facility began in 2007 but stalled during the financial crisis.

The project of Dubai’s second tallest skyscraper was resumed in January and completed in 2017.

Marina 101 was the second tallest residential building in the world for some time, currently occupying the 4th place as the tallest residential building in the world.

The structure’s design fully embraces a wide range of aesthetic influences. Rather than building directly toward the sky, Marina 101’s architects added numerous visual elements to perforate and diffuse the building’s exterior.

Flaring projections that act as light plates break the vertical monotony of the tower as it rises, culminating in a 45-foot crown that covers the building and sets it apart from the surrounding skyline.

The facade consists of a granite base, a two-tone aluminum cladding along the height of the tower, and double glazing to again reduce heat. At night, the softly illuminated crown will be clearly visible from miles away.

Comprised of sky blue aluminum panels that converge towards a four-point pinnacle.

Located just minutes from Dubai International Airport and right next to the tram station, Marina 101 is the ideal place to stay during a trip to Dubai.

Among the buildings in Dubai, this tower offers breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah and the sea, as well as downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa.

Marina 101 features one, two and three bedroom apartments, luxury residences, office spaces and a unique rooftop infinity pool.


Princess Tower

Dubai skyscraper
Skyscraper Dubai: Princess Tower


The Princess Tower is a 101-storey, 413.4 m high residential skyscraper located in the Marina district of Dubai. Princess Tower is currently the third tallest building in Dubai, after the Burj Khalifa and Marina 101, and the 24th tallest building in the world.

The tower has 763 residential and commercial units. The building was completed on October 16, 2012.

The building is 107 floors tall, topped by a central spire. The building also contains office space on the lower floors and parking on levels 2 through 8.

A spa takes up much of the first floor and includes a pool, gym, and squash courts.

In the Princess Tower we find a total of 57 elevators and an underground car park that can accommodate up to 1400 cars.

Princess Tower is located between Damac Heights and Al Yass Tower on Al Sufouh Road opposite Jumeirah Lake Towers.


23 Navy

dubai skyscrapers 23 Marina
Skyscraper Dubai: 23 Marina Dubai

23 Marina is an 88-storey residential tower located in the prestigious Dubai Marina district. Construction began in 2005 and was completed in 2012.

It is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world, at 394 metres. The tower includes two basement levels, a ground floor and 83 floors above ground. It has 57 elevators and 4 escalators serving the tower.

23 Marina has 474 fully furnished apartments with 4 penthouses and 4 duplexes on the 65th and 66th floors.

The tower is located near Tram 1 station in Dubai Marina, so residents can easily reach other parts of Dubai. Ibn Battuta Mall is 6 minutes away, while Mall of Emirates and Burj Al Arab are a 15-minute drive.

Several restaurants, schools, supermarkets and hospitals are located in the immediate vicinity of 23 Marina Tower.

The amenities at 23 Marina are extremely impressive with every luxury amenity you can imagine. There is a health club on the 35th floor that offers state-of-the-art equipment for all your fitness needs.

There is also an infinity pool on this floor, which is open all year round. Residents can relax in style at one of the many spas available on the tower’s three levels.


Elite Residences

palaces dubai Elite residence
Skyscraper Dubai: Elite Residence


The Elite Residence in Dubai is a structure not only of concrete and steel but also of imagination, aspirations and the promise of a spectacular lifestyle.

The 88-storey tower is located near Jumeirah Lake Towers. It was built with a total height of 381 m, making it the fourth tallest building in Dubai after the Burj Khalifa 828 m, Princess Tower 413 m and the 23 Marina 395 m.

Construction of the Elite Residence began in 2006 and was completed in 2011.

The Elite Residence towers are an extraordinary example of architectural innovation and creative vision that is captured in its beautiful form, design and layout.

The Elite Residence rises majestically above the Dubai Marina skyline for one reason: to provide its residents with breathtaking views of the entire Marina and the sea.

Being located in the heart of Dubai Marina, Elite Residence offers its residents easy access to Dubai’s best locations.

The Elite Residence offers a wide range of services so you can enjoy an exclusive lifestyle.

From a spa and pool to squash courts, table tennis and billiards areas, you’ll find everything you need for relaxation and recreation in this stunning property.


In conclusion

Dubai is a luxurious city, known for its extravagant real estate, hotels and shops. It’s no wonder that Dubai has 17 of the 50 tallest buildings in the world. These are just some of the many buildings that dominate the Dubai skyline.


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